Leading Embedded Innovations
in the AIoT Future

As a pioneer and leader in the embedded market, Advantech continuously researches and develops leading embedded technologies, innovative form factors, and value-added software and cloud services. We offer a wide range of edge computing and AI solutions, wireless connectivity, embedded boards, intelligent systems, industrial peripherals, and design-in services with an array of streamlined services to back you up.
To co-create future AIoT business together, Advantech Embedded-IoT World Partner Conference aspires to build a collaborative business ecosystem between diverse industry leaders. We believe collaboration and partnership will bring many new business opportunities in 2020 and beyond.


Miller Chang
President, Advantech Embedded-IoT Group

Keynotes and Seminars

Vision Keynote

Advantech Embedded-IoT World Partner Conference brings together key industrial leaders for three days of AIoT solutions and collaboration on hot topics in embedded design-in, edge computing and AI, wireless IoT, cloud computing, network security, and DMS. In the vision keynotes, Advantech executives and industrial global leaders will present key innovations and collaborations that are already redefining business and technology in AIoT era.

Business Sessions

Find out how Advantech executives feel about the opportunities with the impact of Globalization and responsibilities to co-create the future success with all eco-partners and customers. What’s the investment, operations, and management strategies you should take to achieve growth-driven business expansion? So join our keynote and panel discussion, to learn more about the market information and business insights that will help you succeed.

Solution Seminars

Advantech collaborated with ecosystem partners and provides comprehensive complete hardware and software solutions for a wide array of IoT applications. In our seminar section, we will share our technologies and solutions in four tracks:
• Track A: Embedded Innovations & Design-in Services
• Track B: Edge AI, Intelligence & Wireless Connectivity
• Track C: Design & Manufacturing Services
• Track D: Cloud, Network Security & Video AI

Showcase Highlights

Come explore the latest innovations and technologies of embedded IoT platforms and solutions! The showcase topics will cover the entire embedded IoT ecosystem including Embedded Platforms and Design-In Services, Arm Computing Solutions, Wireless Connectivity Solutions, Domain Focused Solutions, Edge AI Solutions, Cloud IoT Solutions, and Design and Manufacturing Services. To realize better management of IoT devices, we will introduce WISE-PaaS/DeviceOn for its applications in different scenarios. Advantech has been actively engaged in co-creating domain focused solutions with partners from various industries, so our prominent Solution Partners and WISE-PaaS VIP will also be there to showcase their services.

Business Matchmaking

AIoT cannot be realized alone, it requires a diverse range of expertise and domain experience across industries. Business matchmaking provides a valuable opportunity for all participants to network, partner, and co-sell IoT solutions with one another. Matchmaking consists of three different types of networking activities.

Region Focused Topic
Workout Meet

Focused Topic Workout Meet will be arranged in a roundtable format, allowing all attendees to enjoy the privileges of getting first-hand business insights, or developing out-the-box solution ideas from the companies with the specific skillsets required by your company. We will arrange meetings by your region.

Workout Meet

Joining the Advantech WISE-PaaS VIP Alliance gives you access to WISE-PaaS Marketplace, a software business platform featuring 130+ IoT solutions to expedite your development timeline, plus technical support that will come in handy for nurturing your own IoT experts. Register and reserve a meeting for more details.

1 on 1
Executive Meeting

Advantech executives will host several 1 on 1 in-depth discussion with our key partners for collaboration. 1 on 1 meetings will be arranged on a pre-registered basis – don’t miss out this opportunity to accelerate your IoT business! Now register online and book your requirement.